Why Blue?

Have you ever wondered why your dog isn’t as good at fetch as you imagined he would be? Does she “lose” her toys when she’s playing with them? Dogs do not see in black and white, but with a much more limited scope of colors than humans. Surprisingly, the brightly colored toys that you can easily spot are not the colors that dogs see the best. Isn’t the point of the toys to entertain them, too? Our bright blue toys are designed to be easy to see, for humans and dogs alike.

Our Mission

Fifty Shades of Blue seeks to create a better quality of life for dogs and their owners through well-made, sustainable dog toys. By producing responsibly made products and giving back to our communities, we strive to succeed, so that we may help others do the same. Integrity, fairness, and a love of pets will guide our business practices as well as our philanthropic efforts, focusing on the welfare of our customers (both human and canine), our employees, and the communities we all call home.